Our services are provided to you at affordable, reasonable rates.  We offer a 10% discount for Senior Citizens, Assistance Dogs, & Dogs owned by Police, Fire Officials and Veterans! We do not use contracts for our services so you have the ability to make changes or cancel at any time. We do require 24 hours notice if cancellations are requested. Regular pet waste removal services are billed on a monthly basis but special arrangements may be made upon request to allow for affordability.

Pet Waste Removal

Wouldn't it be nice if your pooch could clean up his own poo?  Let the Poofessionals scoop your pet's poo for you! Our waste removal services are a great way to keep your yard clean and your pet happy without ever having to scoop poo again. Not only does pet waste pose numerous health concerns but it is illegal in most areas to let it accumulate more than a few days.

We have a variety of options for keeping your yard waste free. We offer Spring time/ 1 -time clean ups and regular service provided monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly.



Dog Walking

We understand that not everyone has enough time in the day to fit their pal's walk in. A physically and emotionally healthy dog requires activity no matter the size. Regular exercise should be a part of your dog's daily routine. Dogs may become overweight or bored if they are not participating in enough activity. Excess weight increases the risks of health problems  while boredom may lead to a mischievous menace tearing your house apart.


Potty Breaks

Many of our clients prefer using this service as an alternative to boarding their animal at a facility while they are away. This is especially true for animals that do not adjust well to being subjected to foreign environments.

Our Potty Breaks can be used to feed and water your animal, as well as let them out to go potty. Each visit lasts 20 mins.  We will personalize your pet's visit to your specification.

Possible activities may include a quick walk around the block, playing some fetch, brushing of hair, etc.

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We currently provide regular weekly poo scooping in St Cloud Minnesota, Waite Park Minnesota, Sartell Minnesota, & Sauk Rapids Minnesota, 

Spring /1-time yard cleaning provided in Central MN.

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